Ombré Cake Collaboration


Hello June!

Summer is quickly approaching and while May is long gone I have some really fun things to share with you. First, I would like to introduce some really amazing friends I had the opportunity to collaborate with this month. During my time off I had enough time to really sit back and appreciate all the bakers that I follow. Truth be told – I follow some amazing artist and I’m so proud to be a part of such a diverse and creative community.

If you haven’t heard by now ombré cakes have been making their way into the cake world in different forms for a few yrs now. In this collaboration you’ll see how the ombré cake style has been stepped up by these creative cake artist. The art of merging more than 2 colors to create a beautiful finish is more than what it use to be. Ombré generally refers to colors that are gradually blended from one color hue to another. Typically from the darkest to the lightest.

If you are new to this blog you’ll find that I love to share work from my cake and cookie friends. Beginners or not there is always room for community! But first you should know that this incredible collaboration was thought up by my sweet and talented friends Malek Binns, Owner of Frosted by Malek Binns LLC and Rasa Owner of Rasa Bakes.

I came across Malek on his IG page and was really just floored by his energy in his funny videos and his work! His cookie game is on point!! *sigh* Cookies are life! I was fortunate enough to be a part of Malek’s 5k followers giveaway. How awesome is that?! I’m so grateful to him and if I’m being totally honest he’s very inspiring to watch- Even to me! someone that has been almost 15 yrs. in this crazy baking game.

Malek is a seasoned and publish baker with a recent publication in Voyage Houston. Baking for just about 9 yrs and completing his AA from Le Cordon Bleu School of Culinary Arts. A true inspiration to all and any up and coming bakers. Also, did I mention his Sprinkles line? It’s FAB!… Go Check it out! Sprinkled by Malek

Below are the amazing collab cakes and artist info. They are in no specific order BUT Malek FIRST because his incredible idea got us here! I have to admit as a cake instructor the level of awesomeness in these cakes is over the top! Don’t just take a sneak peek! Click the link and show some love! Follow & Support.

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Malek Binns

Stafford, TX


Frosted By Malek Binns

Sprinkled By Malek

Rasa S.

Houston, TX


Rasa Bakes

Sutton Clifford



Willow Tree Cakes

Morrell Johnson

Northeast, GA


Desserts by Design

Max Soto

Hayward, California


Max Soto

Tomma Marcincuk

Bradenton, FL


Native Sweets Confections

Saddqa Bahidrah

Canton, Michigan


Petit Gateau Patisserie


Liz Jordan

Louisville, Kentucky


Bethie Boodles Bakes, LLC

Bloomfield, NJ


MichMacs LLC

Atlanta, GA


Pastry Shells

Lynette Amoroso

Trinidad and Tobago

Tasty Treats Cupcakes

Pink Ombre

Lilly Trahan

Miami, Fl

The Cupcake Girl Miami

JoVonia Newby

Bluffon, South California




Detroit, Michigan


Baking Guilty


Brianna Loera

San Jose, California

Cakes with Bri

Alyssa Morse

Listowel, Ontario Canada



Megan & Amanda

Stroughsburg , PA


Sugar Lush

So there you have it Cupcake Lovers. I hope this creative cake collaboration has inspired you to make something beautiful or order something from your favorite baker that pushes you to do your happy dance!!

This collaboration also included work from the following cake pages

@Cpcakestudio, @jennibakes4u, @majestical_macarons, @melissweetjourney, @Sandycakesandcookies, @wildflourva, @cannoncupcakes, @Elainassweetshop, @gigisweets_

Thank you to everyone that participated in this collaboration and allowed the use of their photos to be shared on this blog. I have a feeling we will be hearing more from these talented bakers.

Search #ombrecakecollab to view the full journey of this collaboration on instagram.

Until next time – Share cake, Cookies, & Love