Sugar Cookie Scribes



We finally have our very own scribes!!!

This is something I’m super excited about and could not wait to share it with you. Let me take a moment to explain what these cool little tools are and then I’ll go into details about why we are finally carrying them and providing them to our amazing followers and students.

Scribes are more commonly known as cookie scribes. A needle like tool used to decorate sugar cookies and correct details. However, the baking community has found more than one use for this tool and they are now used for decorating french macaroons, cake pops, adding details to fondant cakes, cupcake toppers and much more.

The arts and craft community uses these nifty tools for vinyl weeding, resin projects, sewing, and quit a bit more.

They are labeled as the bubble poppers and since they come in different sizes they can even be used as fancy cocktail sticks.

Our scribes are made by me. I decide to make them for my community of bakers, students, hobbyist, & crafty friends. What you will notice about our scribes is that they are named after influential people I have met on this journey as well as some of my favorite places that bring me peace of mind like the ocean and some of my favorite comic book heroes.

Our first heath of scribes are dedicated to the women that have encouraged and supported other women ion my field.

They can be found in our line shop take a quick look below. They go quickly so grab yours today before it’s too late!

But stay tuned!! We have a few scribes coming soon just for the Dudes 😉

Each scribe is made with food safe FDA beads & they can be cleaned with warm water and soap.

Scribes are not to be used by children under the age of 10.