Tiffany Blue Kinda Love

Almost every year in February I feel like Valentine’s day consumes about 3 mths of my life. It doesn’t but the dreaded commitment of falling in love with everything that is red, made out chocolate, or stuffed in cotton is really not my thing. So, it’s only natural for me to share a post about love in a completely different color.

First, I’d like to admit that when I was asked to make this cake I was shocked. It always surprises me when friends consider me for their events. It’s the ultimate compliment to be a part of someone’s special day and memory. So when my friend Arliet asked me to make her cake, I said YES and then very quickly deep inside a huge part of me said: CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!!

This bridal shower had the best theme a girl could ever ask for. Who doesn’t love Breakfast at Tiffany’s? I mean seriously, the love story alone is enough to melt anyone’s heart.

Let’s talk about Pantone color #1837 known as “Forget me not blue” or “Robin’s Egg” aka the Almighty Tiffany Blue. Proven to be one of the hardest colors for a baker to achieve. Why?

Well, all though there are many color charts that are available online, not all the color codes and mixes apply to baking. Food gels dry different on different mediums like fondant, Buttercream, royal icing, & chocolate.  If you are not super familiar with coloring mediums you can either nail it or cry when it dries. (Been there, done that – True Story)

If you do a search for Tiffany cakes there is clearly a difference. You either get blue or green cakes and let’s be honest here.. That’s not where we want to be. The color charts state that Robin’s egg is the color that is the closest to Tiffany blue.

After a few days of intense stress and internet color researching I was happy with the data I had collected and decided to work the color backwards until I found the exact shade I needed. But why? Well I needed to match chocolate & buttercream which are two totally different mediums that require two different kinds of food gels. When I say backwards I mean start with white and then add the color chips. You essentially want to avoid melting down so much color that you cannot add white to…It’s pointless. Let’s work smarter not harder.

It’s important to be familiar with the mediums you are working with. I always start with what tends to dry/set the darkest so that I can reverse the color and have more control of the out come on both ends. This helps me avoid the possibility of ending up with 5 different shades of blue.

I used a cake pop stick from Party City as my guide. The color listed on the package is Robin’s Egg. I used this color as a good starting point.

I used Americolor Sky Blue,  & Bright White as my base for the buttercream and I used my Swiss Meringue Buttercream Recipe to make the hombre effect on this cake.

Here’s how I achieved the Tiffany blue /Robins egg color for my cake pops, Oreos, & chocolate Pyramids

1 Cup of bright white chocolate melts

40 Chips of Wilton Blue candy melts

60 Chips of Wilton turquoise candy melts

Paramount Crystals as needed

I started by melting the white first at 30 sec intervals in the microwave in silicone heat proof bowl

Once the white was melted I added the Light blue & Turquoise chips in counts of 15 each at a time

You can only do this while the chocolate is still hot once it starts to cool a bit it will be harder to mix.

Pop it back in the microwave.  After my first addition of chips the color was still light and not where I needed it to be so I added a few more. Use a 10-15 chip count for control. Take slow steps while incorporating the turquoise. There is no going back once you have applied too much color.

Please keep in mind that I was melting lot of chocolate because I needed a lot of chocolate.

I used 2 cups of the color to do my treats.

One thing to consider when making this color is lighting. Test your results in good lighting before assuming you have the correct tone. This theme reminded of that one dress that broke the internet. It appreared to be white and gold to some and to others it was black and blue. Lol! I literally lost sleep over this. The color will appear baby blue, light green and turquoise in different lighting. So adjust your lighting and make that beautiful Tiffany Blue SHINE!

On a more personal note, it was lovely to see my friend embrace her new path along side her good friends and family. For me it was special because I was happy to provide a product that served a purpose and made her happy.

Congrats Arliet and Jose!!! May your new journey bring you more joy, happiness, & endless amounts of Love to last a life time.