What’s up with your logo?


What’s up with your logo?

In this business it seems like every time you turn a corner there is someone waiting to judge you on just about everything you can think of. Today, I’ll share with you a very personal story in hopes that when you are down it helps lift you or when need you a positive push maybe this short story will help boost you into the light of positivity.

When I started baking I knew zero about branding and knew nothing about having a logo. To be honest I thought logos were for bigger companies with established names and huge followings. It became apparent to me that my peers had paved their own way into the baking business and had made a mark with super cute logos that carried their name. I wanted to be a part of that. I wanted to be instantly recognized and remembered. I wanted to appeal to all audiences and have a different approach to my brand, something that resembled the real me, my love of baking and a little homage to my all time favorite comic book hero.

After some digging I found Madeleine of MadeleineINK shes an amazing artist and cartoonist and her eye for animation is insane! Before I tell you my story I want to tell you how grateful I am to have crossed paths with Madeleine. We have remained friends through the years and when I learned she was leaving the states I was sad. BUT a huge part of me was incredibly happy for her success. Her bravery to start a new life in a different part of the world truly did prove to me that she was a hero in disguise! A few months back I shared my story with her and her reaction was very special to me. I needed her to know how important her work was to me.

So, after a few emails back and forth she sent me a small proof of my logo and I actually cried.

I approved the logo and the rest was history.

However, history doesn’t come without a few struggles. Right? Exactly 2 yrs after having my logo I had the opportunity to meet a well known baker in the industry. A female baker with so much talent I literally wanted to be her! I had studied her work for hours and saved her work for inspiration. I spoke with her a few min and in those few minutes my world was CRUSHED!

She looked at my shirt on the top left side and said What is that? Your logo? I replied YES with a full heart and she said quickly – “Well, if you want to ever be taken seriously in the baking industry you should rethink that and drop the character” while a small part of me died instantly, I brushed it off and ended the face to face on a nice note. Internally I was dying.

I was crushed. For a few weeks I was in a true funk. I let this woman fill my head with the idea that my logo was not good enough to represent me or my work. I seriously searched the web for ideas to replace my logo and was just devastated.

I went back to my file of logo images and took one hard look at each one. Mainly the very first one. I asked myself what I didn’t like about her and I couldn’t come up with anything. I thought she was perfect. I quickly reminded myself that she has traveled the world, been to Japan, across the United States, donated to many organizations, has been published in children magazines, has been part of red carpet walks, and has even made a few appearances in Hawaii. She is recognizable. My students look for her. She has a pin trading club and is looked for within many organizations that help children with life threatening diseases. She is a symbol of happy celebratory times and represents me and my work just how I want and love… as a true hero.

I rose up from that negativity unfollowed the heartless and uneducated baker I once looked up to. I no longer wanted to be her. I wanted to give myself and a fighting chance and never let anyone judge me or push me into something I truly did not love. I furthered my education in my field and surrounded myself with peers who supported me and my work.

Never let anyone judge you. Your choices are what make you unique. You will make mistakes along the way and that’s OK! If you find you have come across a field shark in this vast open ocean of bakers. Disengage. It’s not worth the time and energy to stew on opinions of people who do not know your story. You are worth more than that.

My logo today celebrates many holidays and represents a diversity within my company that I absolutely love and am incredibly proud of. She is literally the map to all the services I provide. She reminds me of my hard work and journey. She has helped me grow as a person and a business. She has single-handedly held the door wide open for me to explore new avenues in my field of work and she is unstoppable.

Her name is Cupcake.

Thank you Madeleine for bringing my vision to life.